Setting KP_Home as a separate key from Home.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Oct 20 13:48:36 BST 2011

I would like to set the numpad keys as macros and media keys when
NumLock is disabled. For instance, I would like 7, 8, and 9 to be
VolumeDown, VolumeUp, and Mute respectively. In System Settings ->
Shortcuts and Gestures -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts -> Kmix I disable
NumLock and press the 7 key on the keypad, but KDE complains that
"Home" is used in many applications and thus cannot be set. I use Home
very often: Home in the IHPU/DEPD block (above the arrow keys), but
never on the non-NumLock keypad. They each send unique keycodes (110
for Home and 79 for KP_Home), so why can they not be set


Dotan Cohen
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