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Renaud (Ron) Olgiati posted on Sun, 02 Oct 2011 10:51:02 -0300 as

> In the old days (KDE 3) the number of Recently Used Applications in the
> Applications Launcher Menu was not limited; now it has a limit of ten;
> Can the limit be changed in a config file ?

Not that I know of.  Obviously it should be changeable in the sources, 
which would be a matter of a simple patch dropped in a particular 
location here on Gentoo, but a great big hassle if one's goal is simply 
to patch and recompile just that one package on most binary distributions.

> During a file copy job, I click on the Notifications icon of the System
> Tray and a windo opens, showing me which file is being copied; if the
> filename is too long, the middle of the filename is replaced by ...
> Formerly, one could resize the notification window, and thus see the
> complete filename if needed; nowadays the window does not resize, and
> the full filename is no longer available; any workaround ?


At least here on kde 4.7.1, notification windows are resizable, and AFAIK 
they have been for some time.  Hovering the mouse over the corner of the 
window gives me a resize arrow cursor, and I've used it before.

However, it may be that they don't resize on initial popup (I can't quite 
tell, at least some of them go away to fast to properly hover and be 
sure), only if you actually click the notification icon and get the list 
of recent notifications.  But that list certainly resizes, here.

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