Can I change the icons in the panel system tray ?

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Sat Oct 1 12:36:30 BST 2011

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati posted on Sat, 01 Oct 2011 06:43:48 -0400 as

> The system tray, in my new Mageia install, uses icons that are mostly
> grey on light grey, difficult to differenciate; I would like to add some
> colour to them.
> Could some kind soul tell me where does the system tray icons reside ?

Are you talking about the old multi-color icons, or the newer
monocolor-&-clear icons?

The older ones are traditional application system tray icons, while the 
newer monocolor ones signify kde infrastructure-based services, thus 
contrasting with traditional applications.

I'll assume you're talking about the newer monocolor services icons.  
Given that these are actually placed in-tray by kde's systray plasmoid 
itself, they are by definition a part of plasma.  As such, it's the 
desktop (plasma being that desktop) theme that defines this and most of 
the other color/transparency/etc elements of the desktop, including not 
only the system tray but the panels, plasmoid backgrounds and artwork 
(like the analog clock artwork), etc.

The configuration for that is found in kde settings, workspace appearance 
and behavior, workspace appearance, desktop theme.  Note that if you 
don't like the available pre-packaged choices, you can download more from  The get new themes button does that, but browsing kde- directly makes it easier to browse the whole list.

FWIW, I run the "professional" theme, downloaded from kdelook, here.  
It's somewhat more transparent (with desktop effects on, otherwise it's a 
dark gray background) than the default.  I've tried others, but keep 
returning to it.  Its one problem is also its great strength, the high 
degree of transparency.  If I want to read something but can't as a 
result of that, I temporarily toggle desktop effects off, resulting in an 
easily readable white on dark gray (nice since I vastly prefer "reverse" 
colors, light text on dark backgrounds, anyway), then toggle effects back 

One caution.  For whatever reason, changing themes doesn't take full 
effect immediately, or it didn't last I tried, at least.  The graphics 
change but the font-colors didn't change immediately, and AFAIK, it's the 
font-color setting that controls the color of the monocolor outlines.  To 
see the full effect (including what you're specifically worried about 
here, I believe), you must restart plasma.  You can restart all of kde 
(or the entire computer) if desired, but I simply kill and restart plasma 
itself, using a compound-command like the following in krunner (kquitapp 
would be the kde-specific way of doing it, but I prefer the linux-wide 

killall plasma-desktop; sleep 2; plasma-desktop

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