Kaffeine and playing files from off the local network

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at yahoo.com
Mon May 23 22:43:53 BST 2011

Looking a little further the error messages and problems are clearly down to 
kde. May be one or more of several  k .so files. Some even carry 2 copies of the 
error message and then there are the .mo files.

Also note the following.

Click on an mp3 on the nas and it plays in amarok. Try to use the load as part 
of a play list and amarok can't do anything with the play list. It can't load 
media off the nas either.

Copy and rpm to the nas and click install with yast and up pops yast and 
complains because it's not running as root. The launch bypasses the root login. 
Unbelievable, might be opensuse.

Edit a text file on the nas with Kwrite and it can be changed and saved but no 
backup file is generated. Can also save a new file to the nas. Oh so close.

If I copy an office file onto the nas and click on it Libre loads it. Editing 
the file and saving it appears to work but doesn't. The file remains the same. 
If I try and save a new file to the nas I get "can only select local files".

I'm sure I could find many more and maybe going on kwrite some may even work.

Given the bug mentioned before I can't help wondering what is going on. A file 
is a file is a file and clearly going on kwrite the paths do work. They also 
work one way or partly with most of them. Kaffeine expects an input pluging - I 
suspect as there is no such thing available that this is old code from long ago 
piping up. kde3-kaffeine does the same thing as well. The only plugin is for 
mozilla. VLC is known to work off a nas but doesn't. It works perfectly locally 
and lacks the codec problems of others.

As to a nas. D-Link are an upfront company. Samba is happy with it as is windoze 
but samba suffers the same problems. On the bright note samba take ages to find 
the server each time it's accessed for the first time from any app and I do mean 
ages. I assume this could be fixed if it was possible to give it a direct ip 
address. The dolphin link goes straight in no messing about and it's just like 
using the local drive. Samba is slower.

I'm having difficulty getting my head round the reasoning for .desktop files 
containing  such things as  smb as mentioned in the bug. All apps usually care 
about is the type of file not where it is. I suppose these could be used to 
control what an instance of a file manager shows but in this particular respect 
that makes little sense and most show all. There is no earthly reason for 
preventing an app from accessing a local samba/windoze/na server. In this case 
from the above it looks like there might even be multiple app level file 
managers. Maybe some one can explain complete with reasons. I'm really curious.

Out of interest I ran VLC as root and was asked if I trust it!!! I said yes but 
it still wouldn't start. I suspect that a root desktop is now impossible same 
silly reasoning. It's far easier for many many people to screw up the system 
from the shell - just a little harder to find out how to do it - which makes it 
far easier to mess up.


PS Poor old konq isn't even aware of the network even now samba is installed.

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> This is beginning to look like a bug that maybe should spread. I have been 
> playing around with amarok which seemed to work with files off the nas. If I 
> launch click an mp3 on the nas all is ok. It plays but if I try to generate  a 

> play list with it it fails to play them again. If I navigate to the nas  via 
> amarok and select an mp3 it won't accept it. So it looks like for some  reason 

> kde is passing it a file when an mp3 is launched. I don't think they  are being 
> downloaded before playing otherwise the playlist should still  work.
> I wonder if this all relates to this "bug" https://bugs.kde.org/253547. Biggest 
> problem with that is that the  X-KDE-Protocols shown there are correct in my 
> .desktop file. Amarok only  has http added.
> It doesn't work either way with VLC despite it having a  files input which 
> includes an increased buffer time for use over the  network. I'm not sure if 
> "can only open local files" when one is  selected off the nas error message is 

> down to kde or  what.
> John
> KDE 4.6.0 - 6  64bit
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