How KTorrent commanded to download a file sequentially

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Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. posted on Sun, 22 May 2011 11:41:57 -0500 as

>>> B)  How can KT be told:
>>> 1) at first, only download on torrent1 until it is completely dl'd.
>>> 2) then, switch to dl'ing 5 torrents simultaneously
>>That I can't answer.  I do know there is some scripting ability, but its
>>defaults have always Just Worked(TM) for me.  Some of its earlier gui's
>>were a disaster, but the torrent engine worked fine.
> I don't know a way to catch the notification that a torrent has been
> completed, but all the torrents and be stopped, started, and their
> status queried using the DBus interface in the most recent KTorrent
> versions.
> So, you might be able to write a script to do what you want by regularly
> polling KTorrent.

According to the scripts API docs page in the wiki,
there'sthis signal (among others):

finished(const QString & info_hash)

	Emitted when a torrent finishes downloading. As parameter
	the info hash of the torrent is provided.

So it should be possible to do what was asked, by putting the torrent 
reprioritizing in that callback/signal/slot.

Of course the implied prerequisite is a user knowledgeable enough to do 
the required scripting, but it's quite possible that if the request is 
posted to the ktorrent forum, someone there with the ability will take it 
as a challenge and create such a script (which could then be posted to the 
user scripts section of the wiki, as well).

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