Kmail - which parts of this are bugs

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Thu May 19 21:53:41 BST 2011

I use kmails filters to sort incoming emails. All are working except for one and 
that's the one that sorts on the basis of from being in my address book.

Curious thing is that when I start typing an address that is in my address book 
it auto completes correctly so that aspect seems ok. Also suggests that my 
address book import worked as well.

However if I use tools - address book I see 2 marked "default address book" and 
"address book". Both contain the same thing.

(Just noticed that if I click on each of these it looses the right hand pane's 
content for both and it wont come back on either.)

Any ideas ?

As far as bugs are concerned there may be 3 counting the awol pane.


Suse 11.4 64bit KDE 4.6.0 Issue 6

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