file association problems (i think)

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Mon May 16 16:56:37 BST 2011

Peter Nikolic posted on Mon, 16 May 2011 09:44:40 +0100 as excerpted:

> Well thsi one is anoying the living whatsit out of me  now
>  was working on somne files for my clubs website  one of which is an
>  shtml file
> using bluefish   saved it closed down  phone call can you change this  
> open it up again  file lacks it's highlighting it is all balck text 
> rename it to html instead of shtml and all is fine i can see nowhere in
> bluefish for file associations but  if i look in System settings there
> is but no mention of shtml  is there supposed to be if so what should it
> say or where can i get a default setting  from ..
> Miffed and confused Pete .

This is unlikely to be a kde file associations problem.

I've not worked with bluefish, but normally, editors that have syntax 
highlighting have either some method of setting the highlight-type 
manually and/or of configuring which highlight type applies to which files 
by extension and/or mimetype.  That's what you're looking for.  (I could 
explain how to set it in kwrite or in mcedit, but that's not bluefish...)

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