A week of KDE4 usage

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Wed May 11 22:00:02 BST 2011

Kevin Krammer writes:

> On Tuesday, 2011-05-10, Alex Schuster wrote:
> > Actually, I'm quite okay with kmail, although there's some more
> > problems. Sometimes it shows new mails in my IMAP inbox that I already
> > deleted, the solution is to log into my mail server, start mutt, and
> > let it purge these mails. It also hangs sometimes, especially if my IP
> > had changed, but that's not always the case. I close it, and if it
> > doesn't restart because there's still a hanging kontact process, I
> > kill it. And I avoid to delete IMAP folders, or I navigate really
> > quickly out of the folder, because if not kmail will crash. And I
> > really would like to use multiple tabs, but when other tabs are open,
> > mail in those folders is not being checked. Umm, actually that's a lot
> > of bugs. Maybe you are right, but I got used to Kmail, and I tend to
> > prefer the KDE application over other alternatives.
> What you could be trying is to use Disconnected IMAP instead of normal
> one. This is a two way sync of a local cache and the IMAP server,
> meaning you can access mails at any time, even when offline.

Which would be nice indeed. DSL is acting a little instable here sometimes.

> I am using this with several IMAP accounts and have never seen a problem
> with stability. Additionally it allows KMail to apply local filters on
> "incoming" messages.

So I created a new account (when I found out there is no option to set
in the existing account), there I can select 'Disconnected IMAP'. I
never noticed this account type before, is it new?

A little glitch was that suddenly (maybe after the update to 4.6.3?)
KMail is no longer able to access the wallet for new passwords. It can
retrieve the existing ones so I have not noticed this yet, but new
accounts cannot store their password in the wallet.

Downloading messages... whoops, KMail does not like when the partition
gets full :) But no harm was done, KMail threw some error messages and
exited cleanly.

Okay, it seems to work, thanks for the pointer! Now let's see if I also
have trouble with new mails that are not shown.

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