A week of KDE4 usage

Kim Leyendecker kimleyendecker at hotmail.de
Wed May 11 15:47:38 BST 2011

Am 10.05.2011 22:48, schrieb Alex Schuster:
> I also suggested Windows people to give Linux a try, and they were okay
> with it. It works different, but for most purposes (mail, WWW, some word
> processor) there's no big difference. And they were happy that they no
> longer got their PCs infected by viruses or spyware. But htey were no
> power users. And thast was before KDE4.

I normaly suggest everyone to use openSUSE. And the de facto openSUSE 
default desktop is KDE. I use KDE too, so I would them tell them to use KDE.

On my thoughts, KDE is the best solution for beginners and power users 
as well. As a beginner, you don´t need to know how you can tweak your 
desktop. But with KDE you already get a browser, a mail program and an 
office suite. That´s all you need I think. (on openSUSE you get 
Konqueror, Firefox, KMail, Thunderbird and KOffice, LibreOffice, so you 
can search the app which fits best to you.)

When you become a power user, you maybe don´t want to swith to another 
desktop because you love your environment or just want to stay because 
it´s stable or nice to see it or whatever.


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