KDE and XDG menu specs

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed May 11 15:39:15 BST 2011

On Wednesday, 2011-05-11, Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm now studying XDG menu specs and want to create our own menu structure.
> I followed XDG menu specs and created one.
> Now I met some problems.  I found that in my submenu layout, the menu
> attributes like "show_empty", "inline" didn't work.  It looks like all the
> attributed were ignored.
> I tried this on Kubuntu (with KDE 4.6.2) and Mageia 1 beta 2 (with KDE
> 4.6.2).
> I googled some but wasn't sure if this part is handled by KDE or system.  I
> mean, who is in charge of parsing the menu files and showing menu trees?

Implementations of launchers, or their libraries. In case of KDE probably some 
library in kdelibs but maybe also some higher level component in kdebase.

> http://efod.se/blog/archive/2006/01/07/the-xdg-menu-standard-parsers-in-kde
> - and-gnome
> This link shows that it seems to be KDE/Gnome's responsibility to parse and
> show menus.  If so, my question is that, does KDE fully follow the XDG menu
> specs?  How could I dig in to find out why the menu attributes are ignored?

The general idea is that the spec is fully supported, though new additions or 
changes might take a while to become implemented.
I suggest to ask on the plasma-devel list, as it is the main discussion list 
for workspace related topics (such as the launcher). 

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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