pager insists on 2x2 layout

Daniel Barna daniel.barna at
Mon May 9 18:12:35 BST 2011


I configured pager to have 4 desktops in 1 row, and assigned the shortcut keys 
Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left to change desktop. 

All went nicely, but after each restart/login, the Desktop Switch On-Screen 
Display shows a 2x2 layout, and correspondingly, the above keyboard shortcuts 
only allow to change 1 desktop (because the other two are not left- or right, 
but below these). In the Panel, the desktops are organized 4 in a row.

Is this a known bug? Is there an easy fix for this?
I have Ubuntu 11.04, kde-window-manager 4:4.6.2a-0ubuntu5. 

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