Keyboard shortcut for opening context menu?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Thu May 5 06:58:16 BST 2011

Jörg von Frantzius posted on Wed, 04 May 2011 21:33:40 +0200 as excerpted:

> There we are, now I'm back at the laptop where I sat yesterday, and it
> simply doesn't have that key on the keyboard... Having a closer look at
> only now, I found a number of more or less related reports
> for this:
> seems to be the closest to
> my problem (even though the workaround described there unfortunately
> doesn't work for me).

Like others on the bug, mine has the key, but it's not active, even tho 
the window key (which I have mapped, logically, to various window and 
other kwin functions) is.

Thus the original post, since it obviously doesn't work for everyone.  
(FWIW, I could probably get it to work,, now that I know it's supposed to, 
if I bothered screwing with the config.  But it's not important enough to 
hassle it so I probably won't unless I get bored some day.)

> Talking about, I somehow can't resist linking to #5 of the
> top-voted feature requests:
> (And if this was an HTML email read with an MUA that supported standard
> RFC multi-part, such as kmail, then you'd e.g. nicely see the title of
> the bug ready to click on, instead of the cryptic link itself...)

(And if that was the case, then it would obscure the fact that it /really/ 
pointed at instead of to, say, a malware site with a bugs.kd- (which in plain text ends up with 
an escaped numeric-code for the goofy e, so it's easy to spot), while 
having a title pretending to say  Not so important for a 
link claiming to be a bug link, but if you have a paypal account and get a 
mail claiming to be from paypal, for instance...  Tho if someone was 
clever they could still post links to a "bugzilla" with "patches" posted 
for problems that instead downloaded and installed botware or some such.  
Which is my point.  With plain text, I see the raw URL and can thus see if 
there's any funny stuff going on with it.  If the poster deems it 
necessary to say what it is, fine, but I can see the address and decide 
whether I trust it either way.)

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