Various Kmail paths?

Martin Bednár serafean at
Wed May 4 23:26:45 BST 2011


All user's data is in the /home directory. To save a user's data, just backup 

90% of the KDE configuration files are in the ~/.kde4 directory. I left the last 
9% to akonadi, which stores all its data in ~/.config. the last 1% is for any 
stray configuration file that might appear.

IOW : backing up ~/.kde4 and ~/.config should be enough. However, do try 
creating a new user using the backed up directories first, just to be on the 
safe side.


On mercredi 04 de mai 2011 11:30:16 John Woodhouse wrote:
> I'm having a bit of a problem with repeat complete re installs. Problem is
> basically the installer doesn't reset any system files off the home
> directory.

What exactly do you mean? Does the installer leave the user's files intact? The 
installer destroys the data? I'm not sure I completely understand you. Good 
practise is to have a separate partition for all user's data : /home, the 
installer should allow you to create one, and to not having it formated during 
a reinstall.

> To save myself a lot of time I need to know where the mail directories are
> on kde4.6.0 and also the address book and kwallet stuff the idea being to
> simply reformat the home partition, re install and then copy all of the
> mail directories into place. I suspect there may be a problem with kwallet
> but hope not. Maybe I have to disable it before copying it's directory
> entries?
Which version of kmail? (do you use kmail, and not something else?)
 Kwallet works the same as any other application : just copy its configuration 

> John
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