Keyboard shortcut for opening context menu?

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Jörg von Frantzius posted on Tue, 03 May 2011 22:43:36 +0200 as excerpted:

> div><br></div><div>after looking through preferences and googling a
> while, I can't find any shortcut definable for opening the context
> menu, e.g. in Dolphin.</div><div><br></div><div>So when I'm e.g. in
> Dolphin and have a file selected, how can I open the context menu via a
> short-cut?</div>
> <div><br></div><div>Hopefully I just didn't see the obvious, or is
> this really missing in KDE?</div><div><br

Please fix your client.  It's spitting HTML, which is:

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(5) Ugly.  (Those who choose to avoid the issues above by using clients 
that don't parse the HTML thus not exposing themselves to the risks, end 
up staring at raw HTML.)

As I said in point 1, if the content's worth reading, it's worth sending 
in plain text.  Never-the-less, it's not unusual for people who don't 
normally send HTML to have to be asked again to stop, when the their mail-
client/webmail-provider (webmail providers are infamous for this) switches 
the defaults on them, so it's not always deliberate and I recognize that 
fact.  Just... please change it.


To your question:  I don't have a direct answer, and agree it's a problem 
as if there's a setting for that, it's quite unintuitive to find.  But I 
do have a sort-of work-around.

In kcontrol[1][2] , hardware, input devices, mouse, the mouse navigation 
tab allows you the option of keyboard mouse emulation.  Specifically, the 
checkbox is "move pointer with keyboard (using the numpad)".  You can then 
configure acceleration, etc, for the emulation, there.

With that option on, the 5 key emulates a mouse-click.  The /*- keys 
change which button gets clicked by the 5, left/middle/right respectively 
(the order on the keypad), while the + emulates a double-click, the 0 a 
drag-lock, and the . a drag-release, all of the selected button.  (This 
information can be found by clicking the help button.)

That does allow you to use the keyboard to get a context menu (use the 
number keys to navigate the pointer to the appropriate location, hit - to 
switch to the right button, hit 5 to click it), but it's a rather 
laborious process, much more a workaround than a proper solution.  One 
would /think/ that kde would have a simple option to set a keyboard 
shortcut to trigger the context menu, but if they do, neither you nor I 
seem to be able to find it.


[1] Kcontrol: AKA systemsettings in kde4.  Despite the fact that this app 
is mostly user specific kde settings that have little to do with global 
settings which would apply equally to other users in gnome or at the 
command prompt, for instance, and even where it /is/ global settings, it's 
the kde-specific tool for controlling them not the generic one, so the kde3 
term kcontrol remains *FAR* more accurate, the kde4 devs apparently 
decided the impossibly generic systemsettings was what they were going to 
call it in kde4.  I continue to use the more accurate term, kcontrol, in 
my posts.

[2] The described kcontrol location is for kde 4.5 and above.  kcontrol's 
layout was reorganized for 4.5, so those still on legacy 4.4 and previous 
will likely have to look around a bit for it.

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