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Sven ssmail1398-maillist at
Tue Jun 21 23:05:45 BST 2011

Thanks for your advice. I did find the solution in Settings, Colors as 
inactive text. Just increasing blackness a bit solved the problem. Now I can 
see all text properly again.


On Sunday 12 June 2011, Duncan wrote:
> Sven posted on Sun, 12 Jun 2011 04:59:15 -0700 as excerpted:
> > Having updated from kde 4.4 to 4.6. In Dolphin the text for the filename
> > column is black. The text for the other columns (date, permission etc)
> > are now pale gray. I can not find where to change this back to all black
> > since the gray is really hard to see (om my screen at least).
> My colors are different, indicating it's a setting somewhere, but I see
> what you mean.
> I don't have time ATM to investigate, but it's probably a setting in
> kcontrol (systemsettings that aren't systemsettings, but user-specific kde
> settings for the most part and here, so the kde3 term kcontrol is more
> accurate), colors.  But the way kde now sets colors is... complex.  Some
> of them aren't set directly, and there are several different categories
> each with a number of individual colors that can be set.  Try help to get
> a better description, then be sure your current settings are saved to a
> scheme so you can get back to them and start experimenting, always
> ensuring that the foreground/background combinations are readable.
> The other thing you can do is try adjusting your monitor for best color
> and contrast.  That's accomplished using kgamma, which invokes the same
> settings dialog found in kcontrol, hardware, display and monitor, gamma.
> But if your monitor won't show all colors, it won't show all colors and
> all you can do is make the best of what you have.  Still, it's definitely
> possible that you can increase contrast where you need it, here.  I was
> able to do so with a less than perfect display some time ago, before I
> cracked it, and upgraded to a far better LED based one.

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