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Gary Roach gary719_list1 at
Tue Jun 14 03:10:09 BST 2011

Hi all.

I am trying to consoidate 2 email accounts onto the same machine but 
still keep them separated. I wish to use kmail. I am running kde 4.4.5 
on a Debian Linux operating system. My problem is this:
     I have two email accounts xxxxxx at and 
yyyyyy at Both send mail to and receive 
from They now reside on a Win2k box and a Debian 
linux box respecively. I wish to keep the two accounts completely 
separate but wish to put both on the linux box. In addition, I need to 
transfer my mail archives from thunderbird and iceweasel. I have read a 
lot of stuff on the net but have found most out of date and confusing. 
Can anyone lay out a road map that will allow me to set up  these 2 
accounts so they will co-exist with out being intermingled.

My present file structure is:

Thanks in advance.
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