Building DBusMenu-Qt

David Doria daviddoria at
Mon Jun 20 20:18:59 BST 2011

> OK, try setting/exporting QMAKESPEC, pointing at the desire directory,
> probably  /home/ddoria/bin/qt4/mkspecs/ but I'm not sure if you'll need
> the platform triplet subdir on the end of that or if it'll figure that
> out itself.  Try it both ways.  (I'm not sure that'll work as I'm
> actually basing that on an unset in the qt-core build, but it's worth a
> shot.)

Great, that worked (I did need the subdir:

Since then, I have been able to build automoc and phonon. Now again
trying to build kdelibs, I am getting:

 WARNING: No valid KAuth backends will be built. The library will not
work properly unless compiled with a working backend

It seems more like an error than a warning, because after running
cmake configure several times I still don't get the option to

It looks like I may need to build polkit? When trying to do that, my
autoconf was too old! I built autoconf, and then when I configured
polkit, it said I am missing gio2.0. I can't find where to download
gio source - can you please point me to it?

As you said, we're getting there... :)

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