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>G ary Roach posted on Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:10:09 -0700 as excerpted:
>>>  I am trying to consoidate 2 email accounts onto the same machine but
>>>  still keep them separated. I wish to use kmail. I am running kde 4.4.5
>>>  on a Debian Linux operating system. My problem is this:
>>>  I have two email accounts xxxxxx at verizon.net and
>>>  yyyyyy at verizon.net. Both send mail to outgoing.verizon.net and receive
>>>  from incoming.verizon.net. They now reside on a Win2k box and a Debian
>>>  linux box respecively. I wish to keep the two accounts completely
>>>  separate but wish to put both on the linux box. In addition, I need to
>>>  transfer my mail archives from thunderbird and iceweasel. I have read a
>>>  lot of stuff on the net but have found most out of date and confusing.
>>>  Can anyone lay out a road map that will allow me to set up  these 2
>>>  accounts so they will co-exist with out being intermingled.
>>>  My present file structure is:
>>>  home/xxxx/.kde/share/apps/kmail/Mail
> Thanks Duncan for the complements.
> I will probably stick with 4.4.5 for the moment. Debian is a little 
> conservative (slow) on their upgrades. Using testing level for one or 
> two packages drives me crazy. I'll live with 4.4.5. for the nonce.
>>  Beyond that... something you are likely already aware of, but the first
>>  thing that occurs to me is that 4.4.5 is somewhat dated.
>>  I'm rather unclear on what you mean when you say you wish to keep the
>>  accounts "completely separate", but with the implication and tone 
> of the
>>  question being that you intend to access them in the same kmail instance
>>  in the same Linux user account.
> I guess I stressed the separate thing too much. I really want to be on 
> one machine with one login but keep the Inboxes, Drafts, Sent, Archives  
> and Local Folders separate.
>>  The key to it all, however, at least from my perspective, is filters.
>>  Get your filters properly setup for what you want to do, and you
>>  shouldn't have problems.  Screw that up and you'll never get the
>>  separation you want.  But how/what you filter on and what you do with
>>  those filters (adding additional headers, sorting into separate folders,
>>  forwarding, etc) is of course up to you.
> I can see writing a filter for separating the incoming email into 
> separate inboxes. That should be easy. But that leaves me with the 
> problem of the local folders. I don't want them intermixed. How do I 
> create two separate local folders on kmail.
> Gary R.
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I don't think you can create 2 local folder groups. You can create folders under local folders or under any of the sub folders under that. Just right click. If you look at filters under settings and it's advanced tab you will see the option to use a filter on outgoing mail. I haven't used these so can't comment.

My filters split off all mails I know I should get and dumps the rest in a folder called "trash?" which basically means that anything I'm almost sure to delete finishes up there. I never archive folders. Not sure about current versions of kmail but they have been compacted automatically in the past.

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