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Gary Roach gary719_list1 at verizon.net
Thu Jun 16 01:48:17 BST 2011

Gary Roach posted on Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:10:09 -0700 as excerpted:
>> I am trying to consoidate 2 email accounts onto the same machine but
>> still keep them separated. I wish to use kmail. I am running kde 4.4.5
>> on a Debian Linux operating system. My problem is this:
>> I have two email accounts xxxxxx at verizon.net and
>> yyyyyy at verizon.net. Both send mail to outgoing.verizon.net and receive
>> from incoming.verizon.net. They now reside on a Win2k box and a Debian
>> linux box respecively. I wish to keep the two accounts completely
>> separate but wish to put both on the linux box. In addition, I need to
>> transfer my mail archives from thunderbird and iceweasel. I have read a
>> lot of stuff on the net but have found most out of date and confusing.
>> Can anyone lay out a road map that will allow me to set up  these 2
>> accounts so they will co-exist with out being intermingled.
>> My present file structure is:
>> home/xxxx/.kde/share/apps/kmail/Mail
Thanks Duncan for the complements.

I will probably stick with 4.4.5 for the moment. Debian is a little 
conservative (slow) on their upgrades. Using testing level for one or 
two packages drives me crazy. I'll live with 4.4.5. for the nonce.
> Beyond that... something you are likely already aware of, but the first
> thing that occurs to me is that 4.4.5 is somewhat dated.
> I'm rather unclear on what you mean when you say you wish to keep the
> accounts "completely separate", but with the implication and tone of the
> question being that you intend to access them in the same kmail instance
> in the same Linux user account.
I guess I stressed the separate thing too much. I really want to be on 
one machine with one login but keep the Inboxes, Drafts, Sent, Archives  
and Local Folders separate.
> The key to it all, however, at least from my perspective, is filters.
> Get your filters properly setup for what you want to do, and you
> shouldn't have problems.  Screw that up and you'll never get the
> separation you want.  But how/what you filter on and what you do with
> those filters (adding additional headers, sorting into separate folders,
> forwarding, etc) is of course up to you.
I can see writing a filter for separating the incoming email into 
separate inboxes. That should be easy. But that leaves me with the 
problem of the local folders. I don't want them intermixed. How do I 
create two separate local folders on kmail.

Gary R.
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