Autostart locations in KDE4

Tim Edwards tkedwards at
Fri Jun 3 10:02:09 BST 2011

On Fri, 03 Jun 2011 03:51 +0000, "Duncan" <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:
> FWIW, both klipper and krandrtray have files in my *.desktop autostart
> dir 
> (the path of which I've customized to ~/config/autostart/ , no initial
> dot 
> as I don't like hidden files/dirs so much).
> However, I deliberately placed at least the klipper entry there myself 
> after kde quit starting it on its own for some reason.  It was NOT there 
> originally, even when kde was starting it properly.  I don't remember 
> putting the krandrtray entry there but I do remember deciding to run it 
> regularly, recently, tho I /thought/ I'd checked a box in its config to
> do 
> so, but can't see that box now so I don't know if I'm recalling what I
> did 
> to set it auto-run or not.
> HOWEVER, my main point in the previous reply was that kde has several
> ways 
> to start apps, and that normally the only ones found in the autostart 
> kcontrol applet are the ones specifically put there by the user.  The
> ones 
> normally started by the system or with a checkbox in the app config
> itself 
> as to whether they run on kde start or not, don't appear in that module 
> (or the associated directories) because it's not a manual user initiated 
> change, but rather part of kde's own infrastructure.
> That's not a bug.  That's a designed feature!
> (I did speculate, however, that an entry might appear in the service 
> manager module also located under startup and shutdown, if the app was 
> installed.  But I don't have it installed so I can't check.)

If it really is a feature and not just an oversight in the design of the
Startup & Shutdown module then it's a mis-feature. There's no reliable
way for the (normal) user to enable or disable these programs starting
with KDE - most of them simply don't have an option in the app config.
KNetworkManager would be the perfect example of this, once disabled you
can never re-enable it unless you hack a config file in an undocumented
procedure. Klipper also has no option to re-enable it's startup if

This is not something most desktop users should have to do and defeats
the purpose of the Startup & Shutdown module.

I'll raise a bug.

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