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Fri Jun 3 04:51:35 BST 2011

Tim Edwards posted on Thu, 02 Jun 2011 22:39:10 +0200 as excerpted:

> First off, thanks for the detailed explanation of the autostart
> locations, I've saved it to a text file as a reference.
> However the problem is that although all those autostart locations you
> detailed are managed by the Startup & Shutdown control centre module
> nothing resembling networkmanager appears in that control centre module.
> I think that's at least 2 bugs:
> 1) The fact that KDE scans rc-files in some fashion to start programs, a
> behaviour that sounds hacky and probably isn't documented anywhere but
> in the code itself. These programs should appear properly in Startup &
> Shutdown->Services
> 2) A bug in knetworkmanager that it doesn't register itself in Startup &
> Shutdown->Services
> Not to mention that it's not the only program that does this. Going
> through the icons in my control bar I see the following programs that
> start with KDE, do not appear in Startup & Shutdown module and are not
> widgets:
> Klipper (.kde4/share/config/klipperrc)
> Kmix (.kde4/share/config/kmixrc)
> Size Change and Rotate (.kde4/share/config/krandrrc)
> Korganizer Reminder Module (.kde4/share/config/korgacrc)
> So if you have any of the following installed on your machine you'll be
> able to see the same behaviour.

FWIW, both klipper and krandrtray have files in my *.desktop autostart dir 
(the path of which I've customized to ~/config/autostart/ , no initial dot 
as I don't like hidden files/dirs so much).

However, I deliberately placed at least the klipper entry there myself 
after kde quit starting it on its own for some reason.  It was NOT there 
originally, even when kde was starting it properly.  I don't remember 
putting the krandrtray entry there but I do remember deciding to run it 
regularly, recently, tho I /thought/ I'd checked a box in its config to do 
so, but can't see that box now so I don't know if I'm recalling what I did 
to set it auto-run or not.

HOWEVER, my main point in the previous reply was that kde has several ways 
to start apps, and that normally the only ones found in the autostart 
kcontrol applet are the ones specifically put there by the user.  The ones 
normally started by the system or with a checkbox in the app config itself 
as to whether they run on kde start or not, don't appear in that module 
(or the associated directories) because it's not a manual user initiated 
change, but rather part of kde's own infrastructure.

That's not a bug.  That's a designed feature!

(I did speculate, however, that an entry might appear in the service 
manager module also located under startup and shutdown, if the app was 
installed.  But I don't have it installed so I can't check.)

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