Running dolphin from a shell script and opening it in a specific directory.

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Thu Jun 2 06:57:35 BST 2011

Stephen Dowdy posted on Wed, 01 Jun 2011 17:55:54 -0600 as excerpted:

> Alex Schuster wrote, On 06/01/2011 05:03 PM:
>> John Woodhouse asks:
>>> I have already tried just typing dolphin in the console and it comes
>>> up with loads and loads of soprano errors preceded by dolphin (6667)
>>> but does launch. I need it to open pointing at a specific directory
>>> from a bash script at the point just before it exits.
> loads of warning/info/error messages is "normal", and i've tried global
> disable with kdebugdialog [x] "disable all debug output" to no avail.

I'll second that.  KDE apps are infamous for printing loads of alarming 
looking output to STDERR, that doesn't appear to have any real effect on 
normal operation.  kde devs appear to believe they're the only ones to 
ever run kde apps from a terminal window and thus can make STDERR as noisy 
as they want for their own debugging uses. ... <shrug>

One can of course redirect STDERR as normal to avoid seeing all the noise, 
but then of course you don't get the output when there's a real problem, 
either.  Not that it's very useful anyway since with all that noise it's 
almost impossible to find the real problem (unless you have a second 
working machine with which to compare, so you can see tell what to ignore, 
or frequently enough examine the output of a normal run so you /know/ what 
to ignore).

Anyway... Either of the following redirects should avoid the noise:

dolphin 2>&-		# simply closes FD2, aka STDERR

dolphin 2>/dev/null	# traditional STDERR redirect to /dev/null

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