How do I remove the "new activity" item from the desktop? [OT]

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Wed Jun 1 14:55:03 BST 2011

Felix Miata posted on Wed, 01 Jun 2011 08:43:09 -0400 as excerpted:

> On 2011/06/01 02:29 (GMT-0700) John Woodhouse composed:
>> The important aspects are the edid disables. Also the 2 power save over
>> rides if like me you want your monitor to remain on what ever. I use
>> the power switch. I also wish there was a desktop switch to enable and
>> disable system power save modes at will. As things stand I have to
>> install noacpi or it drives me up the wall.
> 'Option "DPMS" "off"' isn't good enough for you?

If you check his link, that's what he's referring to with "power save over 

It seems pretty basic to me, nothing worth commenting about as it's 
ordinary xorg.conf functionality that was there long before it was even 
xorg.conf (while it was still xf86config), but then, I've been handling 
manual X configs since I was forced to do so back in late 2001 to get my 
(then) triple-head setup working in Linux as I switched from MS Windows 98 
instead of upgrading to eXPrivacy.  But I imagine it might be worth 
commenting on for someone who has just discovered the manual config method 
after struggling with an uncooperative GUI for awhile...

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