How do I remove the "new activity" item from the desktop? [OT]

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at
Wed Jun 1 10:29:30 BST 2011

> Override is commonly necessary for those with imperfect vision  and/or above 
> average device density. Some X implementations are so closely  tied to EDID 
> that escape therefrom can be difficult if not impossible, e.g. 
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I had great fun with this aspect as well. It seems that distro's rely on EDID 
monitors that also have the correct lead and don't concern themselves with 
people who want to change things or have older monitors. Opensuse dumped me it 
800x600. Real fun sorting that out using the machine like that and there is also 
the nouveau driver problem when installing prop. drivers. It usually has to be 
removed and replaced with something else 1st. The std vesa driver would be a 
good option. I will post the following link as it may help others with xorg.conf 
problems and this area does in a way relate to kde.

The important aspects are the edid disables. Also the 2 power save over rides if 
like me you want your monitor to remain on what ever. I use the power switch. I 
also wish there was a desktop switch to enable and disable system power save 
modes at will. As things stand I have to install noacpi or it drives me up the 

One other aspect is that xorg.conf can disappear and be replaced by separate 
files in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ . No signs of this happening but it would appear 
that it's just a case of moving the xorg.conf sections into individual files. A 
meaningless change really as is often the case.


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