4.7 nepomuk won't die

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Jul 30 11:13:27 BST 2011

On Saturday, 2011-07-30, Duncan wrote:

> knode isn't akonadified... yet, altho there's an akonadi news resource
> that looks like they're headed in that direction, and akregator doesn't
> yet require it either, but given the trend, probably will.  IOW, pretty
> much every kdepim component either already requires it, or it appears
> that it will by 4.8 or 4.9.

Correct, that's the idea. Geting rid of all the needless code duplication and 
associated cruft which resulted in an unbearable maintenance nightmare.

> And... the kdepim components that don't actually require it yet do
> require kdepim-libs and kdepim-common-libs, the latter of which is part
> of the kdepim module from kde and apparently must be built with akonadi
> support regardless, thus bringing in akonadi if you're using any kdepim
> apps at all, regardless of whether those apps actually require akonadi
> themselves.

Actually no. KDE's Akonadi client libraries are part of the kdepimlibs module 
which means it is considered a sufficiently recognizable dependency for the 
build system.
Applications that do not use any of these libraries do not actually link 
against them, nor do they attempt to start the runtime components (not using 
the libraries basically implies that).

Given Gentoo's highly adaptive build handling, it should be possible to have 
slightly extended KDE build system files which explicitly check for certain 
libraries in the kdepimlibs module and disable apps for which dependencies 
could not be found.

> Meanwhile, while it appears something is auto-starting akonadi even tho I
> no longer have any akonadi resources setup and don't actually need or
> want it running at all

Resources never start Akonadi, they are started by Akonadi. So whether or not 
one has resources setup does only change whether or not Akonadi can request 
access to data.

> , and from the looks of things there's no way to
> turn it off in kcontrol (aka settings, called systemsettings even tho
> most of them aren't, they're user-specific kde settings) as there is for
> some kde services...

Akonadi is not a KDE service. But since system settings is not just KDE 
settings it should probably include some settings for Akonadi as well (it 
actually did at some point, not sure why the resource configuration hasn't 
been re-added after the split-out of the server config).

As for a setting controlling startup: lets assume there would be an option 
which would prohibit Akonadi server start. Should all applications then show 
an error asking whether to change that setting?
E.g. KMail saying "You have disabled access to emails. Do you want to Quit 
KMail or Enabled email access?"

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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