4.7 nepomuk won't die

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Jul 30 10:45:39 BST 2011

Felix Miata posted on Fri, 29 Jul 2011 23:48:20 -0400 as excerpted:

> I went into systemsettings to disable it. Now it periodically pops up a
> window telling me it's disabled. How do I make it go away, and stay
> away?
> openSUSE Factory (12.1M3)
> kdebase4-4.7.0-2.1.i586 kdebase4-libkonq-4.7.0-2.1.i586
> kdebase4-nsplugin-4.7.0-2.1.i586 kdebase4-openSUSE-12.1-39.1.i586
> kdebase4-runtime-4.7.0-2.1.i586
> kdebase4-runtime-branding-upstream-4.7.0-2.1.i586
> kdebase4-runtime-xine-4.7.0-2.1.i586 kdebase4-session-4.6.95-11.1.noarch
> kdebase4-workspace-4.7.0-1.1.i586
> kdebase4-workspace-branding-upstream-4.7.0-1.1.i586
> kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd-4.7.0-1.1.i586
> kdebase4-workspace-liboxygenstyle-4.7.0-1.1.i586
> python-kdebase4-4.6.95-2.1.i586

Similar issues here, except that if you read the message (assuming it's 
the same one I'm getting), it gives you a hint (only a hint, the below 
explains in rather more detail) as to what's going on.

It seems to be akonadi actually doing the notification, because akonadi 
uses nepomuk for some of its indexing (for things like kmail searches, 
I'm told), apparently.

If you don't need akonadi, you can turn it off too, but at least 
kaddressbook and kmail (and thus kontact) are akonadified and require it 
now, as does korganizer.

knode isn't akonadified... yet, altho there's an akonadi news resource 
that looks like they're headed in that direction, and akregator doesn't 
yet require it either, but given the trend, probably will.  IOW, pretty 
much every kdepim component either already requires it, or it appears 
that it will by 4.8 or 4.9.

And... the kdepim components that don't actually require it yet do 
require kdepim-libs and kdepim-common-libs, the latter of which is part 
of the kdepim module from kde and apparently must be built with akonadi 
support regardless, thus bringing in akonadi if you're using any kdepim 
apps at all, regardless of whether those apps actually require akonadi 

The whole akonadi mess is why I just dumped kmail here (switching to the 
gtk2 based claws-mail, which I'm quite happy happy with now that it's 
setup, but the conversion process was a **BEAR**!!... talk about lockin! 
you'd think there'd have reasonable conversion scripts and there sort of 
were but they were outdated and I had to hack them to work on a current 
system! plus I had to convert my 50 filters, with 1-10 filter conditions 
and generally 2 actions each, by hand), as "I just need to do mail", not 
get the US congress to agree on a debt limit increase!

Before 4.7 I ran 4.6.95 aka 4.7-rc2 for a couple weeks, along with kdepim 
4.6.0 and 4.6.1 when they came out, so while I had adopted a wait-and-see 
on the akonadification, I had some time to work with them, and even 
ignoring the bugs, which might be assumed for an early akonadified kmail 
release, I decided the whole akonadi system might well be perfectly fine 
as an 18-wheeler semi-truck, but it was SIMPLY TERRIBLE as the sports-
convertible I was looking for!  FWIW, I dumped amarok a couple years ago 
for much the same reason, and there's quite a few people who would argue 
that kde4 as a whole suffers from this repeated pattern, time and time 

But, despite having done all the work to convert to claws-mail and dump 
kmail before 4.7 itself came out, I've as yet been unable to get rid of 
the akonadi dependency, because I'm still running akregator, which while 
it doesn't have a direct akonadi dependency, as explained above, does 
depend on kdepim-common-libs, which pulls in akonadi even if no apps the 
user actually /wants/ to run requires it.

So now, I'm in the process of searching for a feed-reader replacement for 
akregator.  When I find one, I'll be able to dump kdepim entirely, and 
thus akonadi and possibly soprano, etc.  Further, since I'm on gentoo, I 
should then be able to turn off USE=semantic-desktop, and thus will 
hopefully be able to drop nepomuk, strigi, etc, entirely uninstalling 
them.  (This isn't likely to be possible on binary distros at all, unless 
you build kde yourself, since many of those dependencies are decided at 
build-time.  But you could simply not run them!)

Meanwhile, while it appears something is auto-starting akonadi even tho I 
no longer have any akonadi resources setup and don't actually need or 
want it running at all, and from the looks of things there's no way to 
turn it off in kcontrol (aka settings, called systemsettings even tho 
most of them aren't, they're user-specific kde settings) as there is for 
some kde services...

There IS a command that can be run to shut down akonadi from the command 

akonadictl stop

I'd ordinarily setup a script for that to run when kde starts (with a 
sleep 5 or the like if a delay is necessary to keep the stop command from 
running before akonadi actually starts), but haven't bothered, since I 
only have to worry about it only once per kde startup, and I'm in the 
process of dropping akregator and thus being able to remove all things 
kdepim and akonadi related from the system entirely, so I should only 
have to worry about stopping akonadi 0-9 more times, regardless, then it 
should be gone and I won't have to deal with it any longer!

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