KDEPIM 4.6 prob^Wimpressions

Alex Schuster wonko at wonkology.org
Wed Jul 27 19:28:01 BST 2011

Kevin Krammer wrote:

> On Saturday, 2011-07-23, Alex Schuster wrote:
> > I still have to do keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, and migrate my local
> > mail folders. What might be the difference between the
> > 'KMail-Maildir' and the 'Maildir' resources?
> The first one can deal with KMail's "mixed tree", i.e. when some folders
> are in mbox format and not maildir. It also has read-only support for
> KMail1's index files, for applying previously stored flags and tags.
> Due to that it is not as optimized as the normal maildir resource yet.

Could the problems below had to do with this, would a normal maildir 
resource possibly work better?

> > I chose to create a KMail-Maildir resource pointing to
> > my local mail directory (which I got from my backup, since KMail
> > somehow deleted those mails). KMail now shows the mail folders, but
> > they are all empty.
> An over-optmization in a component KMail uses for mail folder display. It
> results in no mails being requested from the resource.
> Creating a message in such a folder should trigger a load of all others as
> well, or reload in Akonadiconsole.

I see. This works... sort of. When I drag a mail into one of these empty 
folders, things happen. Of course there is not much notification, but after 
a while, the content is there. So I repeated this for about a dozen folders. 
A few have > 10,000 mails in it, and it took several minutes to open the 
folder and display its contents.

And all sort of strange things happen:

Some unread mails do not become read when I mark them as read, or become 
unread again when I re-visit the folder.

Sometimes I cannot mark all messages as read - the shortcut does not work, 
the content menu entry is grayed out. Selecting all mails and then marking 
them as read works.

I then moved these KMail-Maildir folders into my local folders, because 
that's where I want them to be. Takes a while, but works. Until started 
getting many (hundreds) of these notifications, with hundreds of bin-bing-
bing notification sounds:

  Local Folders: Error opening /home/wonko/.local/share/.local-
  mail.directory/OpenXP; this folder is missing

I could not stop this. Quitting KMail did not help. I tried to stop Akonadi, 
this did not work. So I logged out and in again, same problem, and KMail was 
still unusable. Great. I finally solved it by deleting both my local-mail 
and the KMail-Maildir resources. Maybe I will try this another time, but 
then I'm not sure I will be using KDE for longer. These are other problems 
that happened today:

Akregator lost its web navigation feature, the back and forward buttons are 
grayed out. This makes Akregator totally unusable for me, I will have to use 
Liferea instead.

Konqueror lost the bookmark folder with my accounts. This happened before, I 
did not notice this for a long time. Some days ago, I copied these bookmarks 
form a backup into my .kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml file, and the 
bookmarks were okay. Now they are gone again.

My Wallet is not visible. It is being used, but I cannot see my passwords. 
There is no wallet application in the tray. kwalletmanager --show does 
nothing. But it works in another window manager.

Finally, after all of today's KMail/Akonadi trouble, all plasmoids were 
gone. Restored the config directory, I really should back it up every few 
hours. My KNotes work, but their positions are also mixed up.

All this is really getting on my nerves. KDE4.7 should be released today, I 
will give this a try, but I doubt all will be fine then. I think that was it 
then, I don't want to go though this any more, this is too much, there's 
problems every day, and some are really bad, like today. Sorry. It's hard to 
leave, because I customized things so much, and restarted from scratch one 
week ago, but this is costing too much time, I have to work with my PC, 
instead of figuring out all the time what is going wrong now.

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