Plasma hangs, could not log in

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Thu Jul 21 06:14:26 BST 2011

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Alex Schuster posted on Thu, 21 Jul 2011 00:14:13 +0200 as excerpted:

> BTW: I had some trouble sending this mail, it was stuck in the outbox. I
> got all kinds of weird messages (SMTP server does not support PLAIN, no
> connection to KDE-wallet, and others). I restarted KMail, I restarted
> Akonadi, I logged out and in again... but only when Thunderbird showed
> similar symptoms, I checked if something was wrong with the IMAP server.
> And it was indeed, it had a load of 550. KDE was not to blame, but I'm
> so used to KMail probelms now, it did not come to my mind that the
> problem was elsewhere...

That's an interesting coincidence, because the last message I tried to 
send (using pan, to gmane) here stuck, too, with some very strange 
complaint about not being able to write to a log, no space left on device.

So I immediately figured that strigi had somehow started indexing again 
and hogged all the space on my home partition.

Only thing was, the home partition has gigs left, and I don't run quotas 
locally so that couldn't be it either.

But looking at pan's error log again, I saw that the error was a gmane 

So I tried hitting download new headers to see if it would clear.  Things 
got even weirder then.  1500+ new messages in the gentoo-dev group/list, 
but when I checked them, all but one were from 2002!

Further, loading a couple of the messages, it was very clear that the 
sequencing was off-by-one.  The subject for one message applied to the 
body content of the next (or previous, IDR which).

Apparently it rather confused pan too, as shortly after that, it crashed.

I restarted it and now get to see if this post works.  But it looks like 
by some very strange coincidence, gmane has some very strange problems at 
just the same time you do, on an entirely different server, for mail, not 

Unless gmane and your IMAP server are both experiencing problems due to 
some horrible issue at the kde listserv (unlikely, but possible since 
both your message and mine were to kde lists), the coincidence is just 
that, but an interesting one it is, none-the-less.

(Now, snapshot this to pan's drafts folder before I try to send this, in 
case gmane is still having indigestion...)

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