Plasma hangs, could not log in

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Jul 20 04:03:50 BST 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Wed, 20 Jul 2011 03:06:51 +0200 as excerpted:

> I think I will wait for 4.7 and make my decision then. Don't know what
> to use instead though. Enlightenment showed some problems, and I miss
> some features that the 0.16 version has. But I only had a quick look.

Something occurred to me while writing my last reply to you.  Normally, 
I'd not suggest this as I'd find it unacceptable for myself, but if you 
are getting to the point where you're considering switching away from kde 
entirely, then you'd be doing the work anyway in ordered to complete that 
sort of transition, and with the hours of work you're already putting 
into just saying in one spot as it is, you might as well try it.

The idea itself is simple.  Start with a clean config, as if you had 
never run kde before, and redo all your customizations, not by copying 
over files from the old config, which might be causing the problems, but 
by actually doing it as you would if you'd never run kde before, except 
that you already know which options to configure and the general settings 
you want, so you don't have to spend time trying all sorts of stuff that 
ultimately doesn't fit your needs.

As I said, I'd normally not suggest this at all, because as a heavy 
customizer myself, starting from scratch and reconfiguring everything 
manually is a heavy price to pay, in other circumstances, too heavy.  But 
if the alternative is switching to something else, where you'd be 
starting from scratch or nearly so anyway, you'd be paying that price and 
more anyway, because then it /would/ be new, and you'd have no prior 
knowledge of how to get something customized to the way you like without 
trying a bunch of stuff you end up not liking, on the way.

When you get to stuff like kmail, obviously there you pretty much have to 
import the old data if you plan to use it, but for pretty much everything 
else, you should be able to reconfigure from scratch, as if you were a 
new user.

Hopefully that'll get rid of whatever cruft is causing all these problems 
for you.

> I would miss kwin though, the things I can configure here, like the
> special window settings that I use very much.

In theory at least, you can run kwin as the wm with other environments 
too.  It wouldn't be the same integrated experience, and kwin's 
dependencies for configuration, etc, are going to be rather heavy, but it 
should work.

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