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Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Thu Jul 14 14:10:07 BST 2011

> Steven Friedrich posted on Wed, 13 Jul 2011 21:38:31 -0400 as excerpted:
> >> Talking about superkaramba...
> > 
> > I haven't read your entire email yet, but I will and will respond.  Just
> > wanted to give you a quick reply so you know it works in plasma.
> Thanks.
> I'm mainly frustrated because there appears to be a disconnect between
> what plasma wants and what superkaramba wants, despite the documentation
> saying that shouldn't be the case.
> And if *.skz files are required for plasma, as I strongly suspect,
> where's the documentation explaining how to turn the .theme and related
> files into one?

Superkaramba themes are directly supported by plasma, you just have to start 
them the same as always, from the Superkaramba utility.  The "bad" thing about 
superkarmba widgets is that they appear on ALL virtual desktops, whereas 
plasma widgets can be restricted to a single desktop.

So if you really want a widget on only a single virtual desktop, you'll have 
to learn to write plasma widgets.  Here's a link to a tutorial.

AFIK, there is no tool to convert superkaramba widgets to plamsa widgets.
Or even a tutorial.  Plasma widgets can be written in several more languages 
than superkaramba widgets.

Someone on the KDE team will know more than I do.  8o)
I just wanted to share what little I know.  8o)

> > The Help system is missing the Superkaramba manual, though it does have
> > a link for it.
> Yes.  I noticed that, too.
> > I run KDE on FreeBSD.
> FreeBSD perspective! =:^)
> I'd appreciate you taking a look at those superkaramba patches in the
> bugs I linked, then.  While again I don't claim to be a coder, the code
> was remarkably easy to follow from an experienced ~arch gentoo sysadmin
> viewpoint as well, and I /think/ the one should just work on the BSDs,
> too. The other one I just hard-zeroed the values for the BSDs as I had no
> clue, so it'll be interesting to see what an update by someone who knows
> them looks like. =:^)

I'm the wrong guy for that.  I know very little about superkaramba too.  I 
downloaded a few and hacked them in minor ways.  I don't program in either 
Ruby, Javascript, or Python, though I have started learning them.  A member of 
the KDE team might want to help.  8o)
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