Superkaramba Was: A beginning programmer

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Thu Jul 14 02:38:31 BST 2011

> Talking about superkaramba... I've been meaning to post this, and this
> gives me the opportunity as it includes a fine example of reasonably
> easy starter jobs.  Anyway, what is superkaramba's status?

Superkarmba is supported by plasma.  Under the menus, look for Utilities-
>Superkaramba, and when Superkaramba runs, you can load themes.  I just tested 
it under KDE 4.6.5 and my theme works fine.

I haven't read your entire email yet, but I will and will respond.  Just 
wanted to give you a quick reply so you know it works in plasma.

The Help system is missing the Superkaramba manual, though it does have a link 
for it.

I run KDE on FreeBSD.
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