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>Subject: [kde]  A beginning programmer
> I'll sometimes be roaming linuxhomepage.com / lxer / phoronix and
>see some new patch mentioned, and out of curiosity I'll click on it
>and read it, and
>I have to say.. alot of the time it looks like gibberish to me. Even
>with comments,
>I can't make sense of it. Perhaps im simply unlucky and choosing the
>more... low-level
>patchs to look at, but I got to say, its rather disheartening when I
>can't even make sense
>of what is going on.
>I know this isn't strictly limited to KDE but I'm sure that my situation is
>hardly new to programmer's the world over.
>Any feedback is much appreciated!
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>I have been writing software for rather a long time and can understand the problems you are having. Documentation these days often isn't an easy route to understanding. If there are any true detailed overviews of functionality at the code level anywhere I'm sure it would be of great interest to many. 
>The suggestion of dreaming up something you want to do yourself is an excellent one. It can get people flying very quickly. To that end you might want to take a look at qt_creater. It's free and rather capable. It does have it's foibles - think carefully about naming when the graphics are specified as changing them later there seems to mess it up. It also changes rapidly - eg a call that Kevin mentioned to me no longer exists.  The programs it produces will run on KDE4.....
>As to using it there are many examples which is good as some aspects aren't all that intuitive.
>I have no idea how this post will turn out as yahoo mail now seems to assume top posting. I don't post often but it may turn out that Duncan may have to put up with me top posting if this one doesn't work correctly.
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