Some text doesn't respect Theme's font coloring.

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Jul 9 10:10:44 BST 2011

Eric posted on Fri, 08 Jul 2011 23:31:10 -0500 as excerpted:

> Version: KDE 4.6.5 Distro: Kubuntu 11.04 (with Kubuntu-ppa for latest of
> KDE)
> Theme: Ghost Window Decoration: Ghost Icon: Nuovola
> Alright, requirements are out of the way; this may be something as
> simple as a wrong setting or missing package, idk. But google wasn't
> helping (prob cuz I have NO CLUE on what to search to find my answer.
> Using a new theme for KDE, loving it, its slick, dark, sci-fi'ish. Just
> plain cool. Except for a few odd things that are happening.
> Specifically, (may be other places as well, this is just where I found
> it) When I go down to the taskbar and hit View Hidden Items, I get the
> nice little menu.99% of things I see, are respecting the theme's change
> of color (white / blue instead of the standard black from Oxygen. Device
> Notifier and Battery Monitor however, are not. They stuck with the
> standard black; which on a dark blue theme, is almost unreadable. If
> anyone knows where to go to try and diagnose this odd...
> bug?Happening?Randomness? I'd be grateful. Thanks!

Have you restarted plasma-desktop (or all of kde) since you switched 
themes?  It's probably just that some things didn't update properly.  
That'd be a bug, but at this point in kde-4.6's lifecycle, with 4.7 to 
come out later this month and no more 4.6 updates planned, it's not 
something I'd bother reporting.  Now early in a cycle, 4.X.0 thru 4.x.2, 
or if you're brave enough to try the betas or rcs (DEFINITELY then!), 
it's probably worth reporting, but not so much after the last release in 
the bugfix series is out.

Anyway, I believe restarting plasma-desktop (you can do it from a konsole 
window, killall plasma-desktop, then simply rerun plasma-desktop), or 
quitting and starting a new kde session, should fix it.  I just tested 
here (still 4.6.4 but looks to be the same behavior), and some bits of 
the theme indeed do NOT get refreshed until I restart plasma, so there's 
a very good chance that's all you need to do.

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