KDE screen edge actions not working

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Fri Jul 8 23:34:50 BST 2011

CS DBA posted on Fri, 08 Jul 2011 13:11:18 -0600 as excerpted:

> I found today that my screen edge settings for things like show all
> desktops, desktop grid, etc no longer work. I dont use it very often so
> I cannot say when it stopped working. The "maximize window by dragging
> to the top of the screen" does still work if I enable it (however I
> dislike this feature so I have it disabled), but I would like the
> corners to show me the desktop grid & such....
> I'm running Fedora 14

Please always list your kde version as well as distro and distro 
version.  People on other distros often have no clue what kde ships with 
some other arbitrary distro and distro version, and/or whether they 
update from what's shipped or not, and whether those updates are on the 
regular update repo or if some other repo must be configured to get them.

FWIW, I'm on gentoo ~amd64 running the kde overlay, with my last sync on 
July 6, but I expect that means as little to you as fedora 14 means to 
me, in terms of specific kde version.  But basically that says I keep 
pretty close to the latest upstream release.  I'm on kde 4.6.4 currently, 
but the 4.6.5 upgrade is probably waiting for me when I sync as it has 
been out from kde for a couple days.  (But I've been debating skipping 
4.6.5 and trying a 4.7 pre-release, or waiting for 4.7.0 release, 

To the problem:

I'm guessing that you may have disabled the effects in question (or 
possibly all effects are disabled) in desktop effects, so the configured 
screen-edges triggers do nothing.  Note that there are hotkey triggers, 
too.  Do they do anything?

Check desktop effects in kcontrol. (Umm... systemsettings, except that 
most of the settings found there aren't systemsettings at all, but 
rather, user-specific kde settings.  If they were systemsettings, they'd 
apply to all users, and on gnome sessions as well as kde sessions, as 
well as at the command line, if the option applied outside of X.  So the 
kde3 term kcontrol remains much more accurate than the kde4 term 
systemsettings, and I prefer to use the accurate term even if it means a 
note like this in every post where I mention it, which is a lot of posts, 
on a kde troubleshooting list!)

In the desktop effects module, verify that effects are enabled on the 
general tab, and that opengl is selected on the advanced tab.  (Some 
hardware may only work with xrender, but most effects require opengl, so 
if xrender is all that works, many effects won't do anything at all.)  
Then, on the all effects tab, verify that desktop grid, etc, are 
enabled.  If you click on the configure (spanner/wrench) icon, you can 
see what the associated hotkey combos are and change them, if desired.  
That allows you to check whether the effect works with a trigger, 
independent of the screen-edges trigger.

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