disable fx prior to first 4.6 startups

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 7 22:29:52 BST 2011

On 2011/07/07 22:54 (GMT+0200) Alex Schuster composed:

> schrieb Felix Miata:

>>  I've done several new installations lately, openSUSE 11.4 and Kubuntu
>>  11.04, all on i865G video, in each case doing system updates (to e.g.
>>  4.6.4) prior to first X start. All have been very difficult to get into
>>  anything after starting X, including systemsettings to turn off the
>>  broken desktop FX. Phantom windows come and go, including main menu&
>>  panel&  clock settings, How on further i865G installations can I
>>  configure a system globally to disable desktop FX by default? Will it be
>>  the same for 4.7?

> I'm not sure if I understand this right... so the active desktop effects
> mess up everything, and it is even hard to start systemsettings and turn
> them off?

Exactly. I can rarely remember the run command hotkey. If I did, I'd open 
Konsole and try doing things from that, or run command.

> Try Alt+Shift+F12, this toggles the desktop effects. I use it on a PC (not

Another hotkey combination I'll probably forget as fast as I discovered it, 
or at least not remember when I need to.

> You can also edit ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc, and set Enabled=false in the
> [Compositing] section.

That would not be a global fix. That file doesn't even exist on a new install 
until after KDE gets started, and then only for each individual's first login.

On Natty, I looked and found only one kwinrc, hiding in a directory called 
/usr/share/kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/share/config, which makes no 
sense to me, since this is a desktop install, not a netbook. Looking on the 
mirrors in pool/main/k/ I see a kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/, but 
nothing that looks appropriate for a desktop installation.

On 11.4, I couldn't find a kwinrc in any of /etc, /opt, /var or /usr.

Anyway, would the kwinrc file in Natty's /usr rats nest be appropriate for 
global changes? It has no [Compositing] section.
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