A week of KDE4 usage

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jul 3 00:13:31 BST 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Sat, 02 Jul 2011 14:21:45 +0200 as excerpted:

> Mine is a Windows user. I had also installed Linux for him, but he
> wanted to use some Windows software he got, and booting Windows was
> easier than to run his software in an emulator, so he sticked with
> Windows. Sometimes I have to fix some things, like Thunderbird no longer
> starting, Folders suddenly being readonly, update and run the virus
> scanner, but all in all it's not too much work.
> My mom is very happy with Linux, but she only uses a web browser and
> mail client, and the OS does not really matter for her.

I finally gave up trying to help people with Windows a couple years ago.  
It was just getting to be more and more awkward, both from their 
perspective as I seem to have a reputation as a good computer guy, but 
was finding myself returning more and more computers without being able 
to do much for them, and from my own, as it's about as interesting to me 
as working to clean up the filth (both chemical and biological/sewage) of 
a flood would be, except that I felt I was empowering them to continue 
living in it instead of encouraging them to move, so it really wasn't 
something I was particularly happy doing at all.  Rather the opposite!  
And I wasn't doing it for money so there wasn't that reward, nor 
particularly interested in DOING it for money, so...  Better to just tell 
people I don't deal with Windows directly any more.  If they're 
interested in Linux, I'll be more than happy to help them with that, and 
to work with Windows to the extent that I don't break it (any further 
than it already is) while getting the Linux up and running, but that's 
it.  If they want help with Windows problems, the can go elsewhere, and 
both they and I will be FAR happier if they do.

But as mentioned, my family is several states away, so I didn't have that 
aspect of things to deal with.

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