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Thu Feb 24 00:08:07 GMT 2011

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 20:14, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:
> Dotan Cohen posted on Wed, 23 Feb 2011 19:00:00 +0200 as excerpted:
>> I have the Quick Launch plasmoid in a panel. I have set it a keyboard
>> shortcut, but pressing that shortcut does not focus the plasmoid. How
>> are these shortcuts to be used?
> I don't claim any authority on this, but based on my observations...
> Plasmoid keyboard shortcuts should make the plasmoid visible... bring the
> panel to the top or unhide it if it's hidden, etc.  (I'm not sure about
> desktop plasmoids, whether they trigger desktop activation or not, as I
> run a dual monitor setup with one as the "working" display which doesn't
> have much on it as it's often covered and the other as aux, generally
> uncovered already to a large extent -- maximize only maximizes to the
> active one, thus, to the "working" display in most cases.  Thus, I haven't
> really tried shortcuts on desktop plasmoids.)
> What plasmoid shortcuts do beyond "make visible" appears to be individual
> plasmoid dependent.  For menu type plasmoids, the ones I have shortcuts
> attached to, it generally activates the menu (be that kickoff, the classic
> menu, whatever... I have both setup here as I use the classic menu for its
> bookmarks and kcontrol-applet menus, tho I don't actually use kickoff much
> except for apps I seldom use, as I have a scripted hotkey-launcher I use
> for most launching).  For many others, simply making the plasmoid viewable
> is the primary goal as they're primarily informational displays with
> limited interactivity.
> I suspect that quicklaunch (which I don't normally use tho I played around
> with it for this post, because as I said my preferred method for launching
> frequently used apps is a scripted keyboard-shortcut based launcher, FWIW
> my own script), being primarily icon based interaction, doesn't do much
> beyond become visible when the shortcut is triggered.  In theory, it could
> "focus", allowing arrow-n-enter based navigation, triggering the
> individual icon launchers, but I'd consider it relatively unlikely that
> keyboard navigation implementation would be any sort of priority (other
> than "bluesky"), the assumption being that you use the right tool for the
> job, and while quicklaunch may indeed be a useful tool for point-n-click
> launching, it'd make a poor keyboard launcher even if the functionality
> was implemented.

Like you, I prefer to launch with a keyboard launcher. I usually use
Krunner (Alt-F2). However, because of a bug I cannot launch some apps
with it:

> So... if you're looking for a plasmoid (or other tool) to take focus and
> allow keyboard interactive launching... use something other than
> quicklaunch... and without active keyboard navigation implemented in
> quicklaunch, "make-visible" is about the best one can expect from a
> trigger shortcut assigned to it.

I'll file a feature request on the arrows-navigation on the plasmoid,
like you mentioned. That is quite the behaviour that I had expected.

Dotan Cohen
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