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Duncan posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 17:30:54 +0000 as excerpted:

> For those viewing in HTML... well... what can I say... except to
> strongly encourage them to change their viewing prefs to plain text. 
> It's certainly safer, and would appear to solve the problem posed by the
> thread, as well.

Thinking about it, I /think/ I figured out another way, as well.  It's not 
tested because as I said I don't do HTML format display for security 
reasons and because it's my opinion that only three types of folks use 
HTML mail, the spammers (they use it to hide some of their tricks, 
sometimes), the malware purveyors (likewise, plus they get to use security 
exploits in some cases), and those who don't know better and probably 
don't have a lot worth reading anyway, or they'd not need fancy HTML 
formatting to dress it up, but the idea should work for HTML displaying 
folks too, tho it'll require jumping thru a few extra hoops...

Try forwarding the message, then in the composer window, switching the 
format out of HTML mode if necessary (under Options, Formatting).  That 
should leave you with plain text, which can be select/copy/pasted /as/ 
plain text.

It may be possible to make it simpler by playing with the standard or 
custom templates a bit, too.  Just be sure you understand the implications 
of removing all those substitution characters in the standard templates if 
you decide to experiment with them.  Probably, a custom template until 
you're more familiar with how they work, would be safer.  Save messing 
with the standard templates until you're familiar with how they work and 
know you can fix it if you don't like how something turns out.

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