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Jon and Hannah posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 23:58:14 +1100 as excerpted:

> Did anyone ever reply to this? I would also like to know the answer.
> It's quite annyoing that kmail copys plain text as HTML.
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>> Quick question, using Ctrl C in KMail for cut & paste;  how to copy
>> text only & HTML code?

I had trouble parsing the original.  Text only and HTML code... isn't text 
only!  So which did the author want to copy?  The text only?  The HTML 
code?  Perhaps text including literal HTML code as part of the text?  The 
latter would seem to make the most sense given the literal wording, but... 

But your followup says it copies plain text as HTML.  That's rather easier 
to parse.  FWIW, I don't have the problem here, using KMail, and never 
have.  The only time I get HTML code included is when it's part of the 
selection... because the author sent no plain text part so kmail has to 
show the HTML despite my preference for plain text for security and simple 
sanity reasons.  Of course, if I make a selection there, it'll include the 
embedded HTML, which will be copied along with the text, but that's 
exactly what I'd expect.

For those viewing in HTML... well... what can I say... except to strongly 
encourage them to change their viewing prefs to plain text.  It's 
certainly safer, and would appear to solve the problem posed by the 
thread, as well.

If you're getting HTML formatting copied (other than the raw HTML code as 
displayed when viewing an HTML part as plain text, as kmail displays when 
there's /only/ the HTML part, of course) when you're viewing in plain text 
mode, then that is CERTAINLY a bug, and a very worrying one as well, given 
the security implications.  If that's the case, kmail is going so 
internally HTML formatted that it's making up HTML code formatting even 
for plain-text display where there isn't any, a trick I'd find more likely 
from the likes of MS, and I'll be looking for a new mail client the moment 
I find it to be the case!

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