How do I restart KDM?

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Fri Feb 18 17:52:23 GMT 2011

Felix Miata posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 11:55:36 -0500 as excerpted:

> On 2011/02/18 16:00 (GMT) Duncan composed:
>> I still miss the simple C-A-KB+/KB- resolution switching from before
>> RandR!
> Not everyone need miss this. It's one of the prices one pays for
> "upgrading" hardware before the old croaks. It still works on MGA, and
> presumably on R128 (Rage Mobility) and other pre-xrandr drivers. Still,
> now hard is it to click once on krandrtray, then to select the desired
> resolution directly? The old way requires cycling through in order to
> eventually reach the choice.

Pretty hard when one doesn't run krandrtray by default, so one has to 
start it first...

Back when kde's randr handling was entirely broken for multi-monitors, 
however, I setup a script that makes my changes using xrandr (which was 
NOT broken, never did figure out how come xrandr could get it right but kde 
couldn't... until years later!) commands.  I now invoke that with various 
keyboard hotkeys (which BTW I have to invoke using /another/ set of 
scripts, since kde4 totally broke khotkey multi-key handling, other than 
mod-keys at least... I had khotkeys setup on kde3 using one of the extra 
keys on my inet/media keyboard as a "launch-menu" key, but kde4's khotkeys 
broke that and there's no fix in sight, despite a years-open bug that was 
at one point quite high on the top-voted bug list, so I had to at least 
partially design my own solution!).

So I have keyboard based resolution switching... I just have to remember a 
whole bunch of sequences now for all the different resolutions, instead of 
just the two, one to cycle up in resolutions, one to cycle down, as the 
C-A-KP+/KP= allowed, and those were reasonably logical too, less arbitrary 
than the whole group of shortcuts I had to replace them with.

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