how to use addressbook from kmail

Daniel Barna daniel.barna at
Thu Feb 17 09:13:18 GMT 2011

Let's assume that one day we will be able to use addressbook entries in 
kmail... Now, if I make a contact group in addressbook, is it possible that 
when addressing an email to this group, kmail expands it immediately so that I 
can see who is actually on the list? To add a few more recipients if they are 
not in the group, or remove a few from the recipient list, if I want to skip 
them? This was the way pine/alpine worked, and it was really a nice and useful 

Apropos alpine: yesterday I have set up kmail to use my mailbox as a 
disconnected imap account. Now when I start alpine, it complains:

[>Can't initialize "{
cert}Addressbook" (invalid format)<]
[>First msg in "{
cert}Addressbook" should have "x-pine-addrbook" header<]
[Can't contact remote address book server, using cached copy]

Was it kmail that messed up my addressbook? If so, this is the final good-bye 
to kmail - I can't afford the risk of messing up my emails due to an unstable 
Any idea how to restore it?


On Thursday, February 17, 2011 09:11:33 am Peter Nikolic wrote:
> On Thursday 17 February 2011 00:03:33 Daniel Barna wrote:
> > Thanks. I did the check, everything is as it should be. Still I don't
> > have any of the contact available in kmail, only those who have received
> > an email from me (from within kmail). Miracle...
> > 
> > On Thursday, February 17, 2011 12:05:10 am Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > > On Wednesday 16 February 2011 16:33:11 Daniel Barna wrote:
> > > > Too bad. In kmail I only have those email addresses available, to
> > > > which I have sent an email from within kmail. No addressbook entries
> > > > show up.
> > > 
> > > Open Konsole (or your favorite terminal from which X11/DBus processes
> > > can be launched) and issue the command (akonadictl status).  Your
> > > terminal should look something like this:
> > > % akonadictl status
> > > Akonadi Control: running
> > > Akonadi Server: running
> > > Akonadi Server Search Support: available (backend: Virtuoso)
> > > 
> > > If not, most likely you need to start / restart / troubleshoot your
> > > Akonadi.
> exactly the same here  no adresses out of adressbook to email  only those i
> have manually typed into kmail  but if i open adressbook and click on an
> email adress it works ok
> pete at 7-of-9:/> akonadictl status
> Akonadi Control: running
> Akonadi Server: running
> Akonadi Server Search Support: not available.
> Do im take it someone is trying to Force the use of an unwanted desktop
> search to get the adressbook and kmail to work correctly if so that is
> really really shabby
> Pete .
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