Sound HDA Intel (Analog Devices AD1981) doesn't work with phonon anymore?

Torinthiel torinthiel at
Mon Feb 14 23:51:42 GMT 2011

On 02/11/11 03:17, Duncan wrote:
> Torinthiel posted on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 23:33:20 +0100 as excerpted:
>> On 01/29/11 10:12, Johannes Schaub (litb) wrote:
> 1) Try switching phonon backends.  phonon-xine was the original and may 
> still be the default, but the devs call it legacy, so switching to 
> something else is probably wise.  phonon-vlc is supposed to be the 
> promising new one, altho at the time of the blog (4.4 era, IIRC, so about 
> a year ago), it was still somewhat experimental.  But it /does/ seem to be 
> working well for me.  phonon-gstreamer is the third choice, which I've not 
> tried as I don't have gstreamer installed, but from the blog, it'd fall 
> between the other two.  Also, the gstreamer backend would be the most 
> likely default for gnome-default systems, since AFAIK it's a gnome-related 
> technology (another reason I'm cool to running gstreamer here, as I'm not 
> a gnome fan and don't have it on my system either, only gtk+).  So try the 
> phonon-vlc backend if it's available for you.

phonon-vlc works for me without problems right now. Of course installing
it triggered a whole lot new devices, but now everything seems to be
working. Thanks for advice.
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