How to set the KDE path?

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Cohen wrote:
>It is rather frustrating that the Plasma Krunner (Alt-F2) does not
>follow the path configured in $HOME/.profile.

Are you using bash and have a .bash_profile?  I think .bash_profile is 
preferred by bash (and things trying to emulate bash's behavior) when 
both .profile and .bash_profile exist.

>The lead Plasma developer mentions that the user can configure the KDE
>path by placing an executable in ~/.xinitrc
>However, it "doesn't work". Googling the issue I see lots of people
>asking and the answer is usually to configure the path in
>.bash_profile or .profile. That does not work in KDE 4.x, I assume
>that it worked in 3.x by the age of those posts.
>So, what is the correct syntax for configuring the KDE path in
>~/.xinitrc? Thanks!

Don't use that.

If you need to set up global environment variables for your KDE 
sessions, use ~/.kde/env/$

Those files should be sourced by /usr/bin/startkde which should be used 
by most (if not all) Xsession files that bring up a KDE SC 4 session 
(something involving plasma-desktop or plasma-netbook).

[It's possible this is a Debian-ism, but I thought the startkde script 
was provided by the kdebase package of KDE SC.]

I use kdm-4 and it has this annoying habit of sourcing both may .profile 
and my .login well before the session is even partially ready.  As a 
result, for each login, I get two dialog boxes that have no window 
decorations, don't seem to accept focus (sloppy or clicky), and expect 
some password input that they won't let me provide.  Luckily, hitting 
the [Esc] key while the pointer is over those dialogs can dismiss them.

My preferred shell is zsh, so I guess I can migrate some of this stuff 
to my .zshrc file; I don't *think* that get sourced anywhere by kdm-4 
along the way.  I think the same thing can be accomplished in bash and 
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