How to set the KDE path?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Tue Feb 1 16:24:55 GMT 2011

On Tuesday, 2011-02-01, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> It is rather frustrating that the Plasma Krunner (Alt-F2) does not
> follow the path configured in $HOME/.profile. If the user has a
> wrapper function for /usr/bin/firefox in $HOME/.bin/firefox and
> $HOME/.bin starts the path, Konsole will open the firefox wrapper but
> Krunner will open /usr/bin/firefox.
> The lead Plasma developer mentions that the user can configure the KDE
> path by placing an executable in ~/.xinitrc
> However, it "doesn't work". Googling the issue I see lots of people
> asking and the answer is usually to configure the path in
> .bash_profile or .profile. That does not work in KDE 4.x, I assume
> that it worked in 3.x by the age of those posts.

That never worked because e.g. .bash_profile is only read by interactive 
shells (see man bash) and the shell running /usr/bin/startkde is not 

Some people might have had /bin/bash symlinked to /bin/sh and .bashrc sourcing 
.bash_profile but of course this is just working around the way that shell 

Usually distributions have some way of setting environment variables that 
should always be present regardless of the type of login (local vs. from 
remote, X vs. virtual console).

Xinit is a way to do that only for X11 based sessions, but again regardless of 
workspace environment being used.

For KDE one can additional use KDE's environment extender mechanims, i.e. 
putting a file (with .sh extension) into $HOME/.kde/env 

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