How to set the KDE path?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Feb 1 15:34:36 GMT 2011

It is rather frustrating that the Plasma Krunner (Alt-F2) does not
follow the path configured in $HOME/.profile. If the user has a
wrapper function for /usr/bin/firefox in $HOME/.bin/firefox and
$HOME/.bin starts the path, Konsole will open the firefox wrapper but
Krunner will open /usr/bin/firefox.

The lead Plasma developer mentions that the user can configure the KDE
path by placing an executable in ~/.xinitrc

However, it "doesn't work". Googling the issue I see lots of people
asking and the answer is usually to configure the path in
.bash_profile or .profile. That does not work in KDE 4.x, I assume
that it worked in 3.x by the age of those posts.

So, what is the correct syntax for configuring the KDE path in
~/.xinitrc? Thanks!

Dotan Cohen
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