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Werner Franke wfr1 at
Tue Feb 1 15:18:18 GMT 2011

Hi Peter,

Am Montag, 31. Januar 2011, 19:45:04 schrieb Peter Lewis:
> On Monday 31 Jan 2011 Werner Franke sent:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > KDE 4.5.5 "release 1"
> > opensuse 11.3
> > 
> > I use in dolphin the Columns view and navigate into a directory with many
> > entries. The entries are shown in the 3rd column in my example but I
> > think this is not relevant.
> > How can I create a (e.g) new text file in this directory (with the menu)?
> > Whenever I use the right mouse button the elements which is under the
> > mouse gets selected and I got the menu entries for this selected
> > element. I see no change to get the menu entry "Create New".
> > 
> > Is this a bug or a feature ?
> > 
> > I use douple click to select entries.
> Navigate to the directory that contains the directory in which you wish to
> create the text file, right click on the entry for your target directory
> and select  "Create New"->"Text File...". You will then be able to give
> the file a name and when you navigate back to your target directory you
> should find the file there waiting for you to catch up.

Much Thanks.
I never expect this at this point because this is not present in KDE3
and I use only KDE3 in the office. KDE4 only at home.

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