Konqueror's Places menu insisting on showing all entries

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Dec 14 10:54:57 GMT 2011

Dotan Cohen posted on Wed, 14 Dec 2011 09:46:57 +0200 as excerpted:

> Every time I open Konqueror the Places "Show all Entries" checkmark is
> checked. I uncheck it, close Konqueror (from either the X in the window
> chrome or the File -> Quit menu item), then reopen it to find the
> checkmark checked again (and all the unwanted entries showing). I tried
> to disable preloaded instances because I figured that it might be
> interfering with the setting being saved, alas it did not help. In
> Dolphin the Places menu works as expected: unchecking "Show all Entries"
> persists. The problem only manifests in Konqueror.
> Oddity: The "Show all Entries" checkmark returns to the unchecked state
> as soon as I move to a different folder! That means that I open
> Konqueror, and all the entries are shown. I then click on any folder
> (either in the Places menu or in the main window) and as Konqueror moves
> to the new folder, the unwanted Places items disappear! So obviously
> Konqueror is checking this setting whenever it enters a folder, but it
> is not performing this check when first starting the application.

Are you missing sleep again? =:^)  IIRC that's what you blamed for 
forgetting to mention the kde version last time.  (Why do I remember the 
reason you gave in the followup, but not the version you mentioned in the 
same mail!?  Sadly, my brain must not be Spock-like enough. <sigh>  Of 
course, "Logic dictates that I ask anyway, even if I did remember it or 
look it up, as you might have upgraded since then." ...)

Meanwhile, I see the same behavior here (on kde-4.7.90 aka 4.8-beta2), 
except that since I have dolphin set as the default file manager, I can't 
easily check what it does when moving to a dir other than the initial dir, 
since that opens a dolphin window instead.

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