exporting from kmail (Was: Kmail2/Akonadi issue on FreeBSD.)

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Dec 3 10:54:29 GMT 2011

gene heskett posted on Fri, 02 Dec 2011 13:06:19 -0500 as excerpted:

>> As I've mentioned previously, claws-mail uses a Unix socket for
>> instance syncing.
> But where is the sockets # defined?

I don't quite get the thrust of that question, so really haven't a clue 
if the below answers it or not.  First instinct is to interpret that as 
"where [in the sources] is the socket # defined", but that doesn't make a 
whole lot of sense in context.  How/where is it defined in the config?  
Maybe, but...

It's a Unix socket, so it's defined by a path and socketfile name, not an 
IP and port number, so socket number doesn't really make sense there, 

Be that as it may, the socket path and filename is...


UID is of course the user-id number.  I've no idea what path claws 
defaults to if $TMPDIR is unset, since it's set by my system scripts here 
so always exists in the environment unless deliberately unset.

When I setup my second instance for feeds, it kept trying to use the same 
socket even when I pointed it at a different config, until I (think I) 
happened across some documentation mentioning the socket in $TMPDIR 
(either that or I straced the startup, discovered the socket in tmp, and 
searched for and found the docs reference to it later, IDR which at this 
point), after which I immediately created a wrapper script that set 
$TMPDIR to something else before starting the feeds instance, and all of 
a sudden the second instance "magically" worked! =:^)

Now that I've actually run into that problem once, I expect I'll remember 
to check for socket or dbus syncro the next time an app keeps trying to 
use the one instance when I'm trying to create a second, but this was the 
first time I'd run into that problem, so it took me awhile to figure out 
what was causing it, tho it all immediately made sense when I did, and I 
kicked myself for taking so long to realize the problem.

Hope that answers the question...

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