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Dotan Cohen posted on Wed, 24 Aug 2011 10:00:34 +0300 as excerpted:

> On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 05:56, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:

>> I don't believe I've ever seen or read about such an option, so your
>> mention is news to me. =:^/ Not that I'd be likely to use it anyway. 

> That user is me! I just converted to Konqueror from Dolphin but the
> changing icon means that I can never find Konqueror on the taskbar. My
> taskbar shows only icons, no text.
>> You're talking about the application menu icon, in the titlebar, right?
>> That'd ultimately be up to the window manager to set/enforce.
> I am referring to the taskbar icon. I do not recall having ever seen an
> icon in the titlebar.

OK, that explains quite a bit, since one of the first things I did while 
customizing kde4 was kill the task-manager/bar plasmoid (called manager 
instead of bar in plasmoid-explorer, I suppose to eliminate the ambiguity 
between what's normally the panel containing the plasmoid, and the 
plasmoid itself).

I've not used a task-manager widget since probably kde 3.2 era, more or 
less.  Instead, I use alt-tab primarily, with a task-list popup menu on 
the desktop and (with kde4) the desktop grid (now with integrated expose! 
=:^) as alternatives.

Since I've not used the taskman for so long (well back into kde3), I tend 
to forget about it even existing, unless someone mentions it 
specifically.  So the thought of it didn't even cross my mind in my 
original reply, since you hadn't mentioned it specifically.  The closest 
I could get was the app-menu icon in the titlebar (which it seems you 
don't use, isn't kde's customization wonderful? =:^).

That would explain my not recognizing the option, since I normally ignore 
pretty much anything specifically taskman related, and makes the "not 
likely to use" comment even *MORE* true, since I don't use the taskman AT 
ALL.  No WONDER we seemed to be talking past each other! =:^\

> Thanks. I'll look around for similar taskbar options.

Obviously, most of my suggestions didn't apply to the taskman since it's 
not what I had in mind at all, but perhaps there's similar options for 
it, somewhere.

All the above said, now that I know you're talking about taskman, I *DO* 
dimly remember reading about various options related to it in, for 
instance, the various kde4 release announcements and covered in the 
various reviews I've read, plus the limited exposure I get to it when 
bisecting a settings-related bug, thus having most of my settings reset 
to defaults, temporarily.  (I really hate that for two reasons.  First, I 
can barely tolerate the default color-scheme, which comes close to making 
me physically sick.  Second, all my carefully configured keyboard 
shortcuts disappear, and the lost productivity is like I'm trying to 
remote-control a mars rover or something.  I'm always /very/ relieved 
when those bits of the config get restored in the normal bisect process, 
and I'm not both attempting to kill the gag reflex at the color and 
having to work with the ugliness even longer than normal because it's 
taking me longer to get anywhere without my keyboard shortcuts!)

I'm /guessing/ that the option you're referring to might be related to 
grouping, since if all the konqueror task icons are grouped into one in 
taskman, that one icon can hardly show the individual icons for all of 
what might be fifty different konqueror windows, so in that case using 
the app icon would make the most sense.  Given that, it may be that 
there's an option to use it when there's only one app window open, too.  
Of course that's all dim memory and supposition, since I don't use taskman 
in normal usage, but I /think/ that's more or less how at least one of 
the task grouping options works, in general.

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