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Martin Bednár serafean at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 19:40:52 BST 2011

Le Mardi 16 d'août 2011 14:53:41 Kevin Krammer a écrit :
> Hi Martin,
> On Sunday, 2011-08-14, Martin Bednár wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > first of all, I'd like to state that I'm all in for the Akonadi concept
> > : a central storage for pim-related (and other) data; endless
> > possibilities.
> > 
> > However, I have a few questions : how does mail search work? I gathered
> > that mails get fed to nepomuk, but so far I have only been able to find
> > mails by sender (sometimes by subject). By subject is quite limited for
> > me, because sometimes I get mails with diacritics in the subject (ř,š
> > and
> > others), yet my main keyboard layout doesn't have it, and I have no way
> > of searching for those subjects without changing the layout. (I have
> > hope that kmail search will become more powerful than gmail's, but for
> > now I can't feel that power).
> Are you talking about searching (as in find messages action) or filtering
> (quick search bar on top of the message list)?
> As far a I know the latter work like before, i.e. KMail looking at subject
> and sender, while searching is now handled the way you describe (through
> querying Nepomuk).

Hadn't thought of using the mail search. I thought everything was in the filter 
bar... Very powerful indeed. However, I maintain that users coming from Gmail 
webmail might be disappointed, since there the one search bar searches like 

> > Next, what exactly is the compatibility brigde? I'm trying to translate
> > this term into czech, but without exact knowledge of what it is, it's
> > quite hard. My theory is that it's an Akonadi resource capable of using
> > the old KResource format as storage backend. Just a theory, if anyone
> > can
> > elaborate, please do.
> This is correct.
> There are basically two kinds of bridges: the ones you described (allowing
> Akonadi to access data provided by KResource plugins) and the other way
> around (a plugin to allow KResource using applications to access data in
> Akonadi). The latter is sometimes also referred to as "client bridge".
> See the middle column in these images:
> http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/Akonadi#KResource_Migration_Status


> > What's up with Lion-mail? I've read about it some time ago, but I don't
> > see it anywhere... Or does anyone have an Akonadi based applet that
> > notifies of new mail (Kmail2 not running is a must).
> Sorry, no idea about Lion mail's status and unfortunately no idea about any
> other mail notifier either.
> > And last, : As far as I understand, Akonadi creates a Nepomuk NCO object
> > for every contact. Are there any plans to make a service that combines
> > information from multiple NCO into one PIMO object and have an address
> > book based on it?
> Yes, currently being worked on as a Google Summer of Code project:
> http://martys.typepad.com/blog/2011/06/gsoc-pim-nepomuk-and-telepathy.html

Will be following this very closely

Thank you,

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